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This has to be my favorite.  As an child, I have been always fascinated about the masks of Africa.  The different tribal, dance, ceremonies, I always enjoyed.  In addition, today, our mask shows many of the African tribal culture, which demonstrate visual symbol of the tribe's myths, transporting moral codes, into everyday living.  In addition, many of our Masks signify important moments, such as a fertility rites, imitation into adult mentality. Funerals, the dead, and harvest.  The mask's physical form imitates human and animal forms, often in combination, covering either the face or the whole body.  However, most of our can be worn, but majority of them are used for interior decoration.


The African masks in this exhibition are dramatic portraits of spirit beings, departed ancestors, and invisible powers of social control. Each mask was made according to a traditional style, and each was worn by a trained performer. The African masks that hang on walls of Western art museums, detached from their full-body costumes, were originally part of whole performance ensembles, consisting of elaborately costumed dancers, vibrant music, and highly stylized dances. These complex ceremonial events expressed important social, religious, and moral values for the whole community. With careful attention to the masks' artistic and symbolic detail, it is possible to perceive these same values within the masks themselves.


Mali Mask

Large Fish Mask

Yamba Coin Mask

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Mask Mark-Manhood

Ashanti Mask

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Masks sku-2  $50 to 250  depends on sizes
Carvings sku-3 $35 to $250 depends on sizes
Accessories sku-4 $10 to $85




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