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 Jewerly  sku-1 $15 & Up
Hand Bags sku-2 $40 to $85 depends on sizes
Carvings sku-3 $35 to $250 depends on sizes
Accessories sku-4 $10 to $85


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     We also portray both people and animal in both realist and abstract form. 

     These  pieces are one of a kind, many no two pieces are exactly alike.

     Our company offers a wide range of decorative, functional and artistís arts

     In addition, crafts featuring African's traditional and ethic appeal.  The artist

     are uniquely carve from, ebony, stone mahogany wood and other material

     Into objects of lasting beauty.  We also portray both people and animal in

     both realist and abstract form.  These pieces are one of a kind; because they are

     hand made, meaning there are no two pieces are the same.



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Yoruba Metal Work


       African Arts





Mother and Child

Ladies with Map of


African People

Yoruba | Mende | Bamana | Kongo
| Yaka | Chokwe | Ngandela | Bidjog| Akan
| Benin | Urhobo | Igbo | Akuapem | Akye
| Bamileke | Bamun | Baule | Azande | Luba
| Senufo | Yassi | Mumuye | Punu | Hungaan
| Yombe | Songye | Pende | Kuba | Guro
| Lobi | Moba | Fon | Lulua | Ashanti
| Dan | Baga | Ijo | Lega | Dogon


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If you are an Africans art lover, you know that becoming an expert in ethnies in Africa is a life time job !
That's the reason why we are providing you with the best links we found on the Internet. We hope that you enjoy this and feel free to contact us if you have and problems, or ideas. And you can not fine no better Art than our people of