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We also have an Assortment of  Bone Necklaces, bracelets and other items

                      Nubian Body Care Products
Africans used Black Soap & Shea Butter to cleans
e, beautify, heal, protect and maintain their skin from harsh environmental conditions and disease.

Our Company Carol & Ida's Imports offers a varies of other products.  We have several items for you to add to your outfits such as purse, bracelets, necklets, ect.  I am sure you will enjoy them as much as we do.

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Ashanti King's Stool
Ashante  People
A tribes that make up the Akan ethno-linguistic group in


Ghana HomeSite

If any of the products you are searching for are not here and you can  find, please feel free to contact us with your following details.



Book Stand


Carved Chair




Cup of the Family

Man and Woman


Harmony Globe Stand




 Jewerly  sku-1 $15 & Up
Hands Bags sku-2 $40 to $85 depends on sizes
Carvings sku-3 $35 to $250 depends on sizes
Accessories sku-4 $10 to $85


Silver bracelet


Fez Hat 

Scarf set 



Fax: (603) 963-5917





If you have a specific product in mind which does not appear in these pages, please contact us at and for general information contact we are always updating our product selection. If you experience any problems with this site, email